Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Usage Policy 

This website belongs to all the members of St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church.  We want it to be a lively, vibrant reflection of our Church activities both to church members and to those outside the Church visiting the website and to reach people for Jesus Christ.

Only a restricted group of people have permission to administer and post on the site, though all members can submit a post for consideration. 

All those posting must keep in mind that the contents of the website reflect on the Church and all its members and thought must be given to what is appropriate to be displayed on all the different levels of the website.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • advertisements for businesses (unless agreed by the deacons for a specific reason)
  • endorsements for or against political candidates or causes
  • slanderous speech, libellous  statements or personal attacks
  • profanity, racist or derogatory language or material of any kind
  • any material, whether uploaded or posted to the website at any level, that is offensive, derogatory or critical of any member of St A’s or any of its ministries
  • blasphemous or heretical speech or topics contradicting the teachings of the Bible, St A’s and the BUGB.

Violators of this policy will receive a written warning and may have their permission to post withdrawn.

Data Protection 
Please see our data protection policy. 
No material linked to the front page will contain personal information or images without the express, written consent (email is sufficient) of the person(s) concerned.  The written consent should be forwarded to the Church office and retained.
Picture Policy

  • Photographs may be taken during church services or activities for use on the website to illustrate our activities for those within and outside of the Church. 
  • If a request has been made that no photographs of an individual or family are shared on the website, this will be adhered to strictly. 
  • Unless express permission is given, no names or personal details will be linked to the photos of adults.
  • No names or personal details will be linked to any photographs of children.
  • As an extra level of permission, any photograph that shows a member clearly enough for them to be easily identified (eg full face) will be emailed or shown to the individual concerned so that specific permission can be given or declined.
  • If any member requests for a photo of them or a family member to be removed, for any reason, this wish will be complied with.